Wine Cellars- Things You Should Know

Do you want to store a large number of wines? Is your wine collection that large that you have limited space on your wine rack? If this is the case, a wine cellar rack might be something you need.

Wine cellar racks allow you to store a large number of wines and are normally built underground to give the cellar setting optimal conditions so that wines do not get spoil and improve with age.

Keep in mind, the only way to accomplish this is to have the heat and humidity controlled.

The main purpose of using a wine cellar is to protect wines from factors that could spoil the wine. These factors include temperature fluctuations, light, and low humidity. These factors could have an adverse effect on wines, so it is important to safe wines from wide fluctuations.

However, it needs to be built properly. The temperature in the wine cellar should stay between 13 and 18 degrees and there should not be any source of vibration. If it is constructed properly underground, the temperature fluctuations due to seasons will not hit the wine cellar.

There are many options when it comes to residential wine cellars and a few of them are listed below.

1) Portable- Portable wine cellars come in several different design and sizes but all are totally self-contained.

This means that all the things like cooling system, racking arrangement, insulation and humidity control are included in the unit. Installing them can only be done by a homeowner who has a little bit of technical knowledge.

2) Racking systems- Most individuals prefer to install unique wine racks that can contain hundreds of bottles of wine. Also, depending on the location in which you live, cooling systems might not be required.

3) Custom built. There are many reputable builders out there that can custom design your wine storage cellar according to your specifications.

Obviously, this is a pretty expensive option but for those with large wine collections, it is well worth. You can even find here the wine cellars that are really too cool to store wines.