Wedding rings and their tradition

Wedding ceremonies vary from country to country, however, many areas use wedding rings as part of the marriage ceremony.

The finger where the wedding ring is worn varies depending on the country’s traditions.

You will find several sellers online who are selling cheap wedding rings. In some countries, the hand where the ring is worn can change before and after the ceremony. For example in Greece, the couple wear the ring on the left hand until after the wedding ceremony when they are transferred to the ideal hand.


In certain European countries, the engagement ring also serves as the wedding ring and it’s engraved after the wedding. Many people choose to wear the engagement ring on the right-hand ring finger and the wedding band on the left-hand ring finger. This can help to prevent damage to the rings caused by them rubbing together.

There are a wide range of rings available on the internet like silicone wedding bands, tungsten wedding rings, etc.

The Romans believed in providing a series of gifts to the bride-to-be, and the last gift of the series was the wedding ring. The engagement ring could also be one of the series of gifts.


Some recently-introduced traditions include the trilogy ring, the eternity ring, and the pre-engagement ring

The trilogy ring usually consists of three separate diamonds that symbolize the couple’s past, present and future. The eternity ring symbolizes a long marriage, and the pre-engagement ring is sometimes given when a relationship gets more serious.

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