Tips To Get Perfect Look On Your Wedding

Did you ever wonder how celebrity brides seem so flawless on their wedding day? No, they’re not naturally perfect. Their bridal glow is truly a consequence of tricks of the trade which they learn from a wedding stylist.

Here are a couple of those easy little ideas that can help you pull off a perfectly polished appearance.

Always buy your clothes one size bigger and have them tailored to fit. That’s the way girls get their garments to drape so perfectly over their bodies. Nothing is more unsightly than a bride with squishy bits bulging from her gown.

Wedding Stylist

Whiten your teeth but not too much. There has been an unfortunate trend in the past few years towards large, glowing white veneers on teeth. They are too uniform, and it seems like a fake. On the other hand, stained or yellowed teeth aren’t appealing, and they can age you.

To find the right balance, compare the color of your teeth to your pearl bridal jewelry. If the pearl bridal jewelry is thinner than your teeth, get some whitening strips. If your teeth are brighter than the pearls, then leave them alone.

Wedding Planning

Don’t get overly tan. First of all, it will hurt your skin. Additionally, it looks terrible in the pictures, as your white dress and teeth will pop and your face will recede into the background. This is an important tip told by the famous professionals of event styling world.

Use blotting papers to freshen your face throughout the program of the reception. They’ll reduce glow without removing your makeup, so you will always have that gorgeous radiant bridal glow. Unlike powder, blotting papers will not leave a residue on your face.

And last, but not least, steal this suggestion from beauty pageant contestants and cheerleaders: a dab of Vaseline on your teeth will keep you smiling for the unlimited photos.