The Freeze-and-Fuse Technique in Glass Kilns

You can use glass kilns to create great three-dimensional glass artwork such as plates and jewelry with freeze-and-fuse techniques. You can use frozen-and-fuse pieces like jewelry or you can combine them into other glass pieces such as bowls, plates, etc. Here's how it works. You will need flexible prints, such as those used to make soap or candy.

The clear glass powder is inexpensive and can be used as a base, with other colored glass powder added to produce a variety of color effects. You can explore Bullseye Glass, Dichroic Glass, Frit, Kilns, Fused Art Glass in USA for getting the fusing glass supply. You will be surprised by the different colors that you can get by adding different amounts of color to the bottom of the clear glass powder. Thus changing the percentage of the color mixture allows you to achieve various colors using the same color.

Supplies needed are soap, candy, or other flexible molds, glass powders that have the same COE, cups, water, stirring sticks, sandpaper, toothpicks, paper towels, hangers or glass frits, small paint brushes, and dust masks. It is very important to use a dust mask when doing this technique because inhaling small glass particles is very toxic.

If your work uses more than one color, you must mix the colors in a separate cup. To mix glass powder, place the powder in a cup and add enough water to completely cover the glass powder.  Pour the remaining cloudy water on the top of the mixture onto the tissue but make sure not to pour it into the sink.

 You can use a toothpick to bring bubbles to the surface. If your parts are layered, wipe the surface with a paper towel to give a cleaner edge. The mold must be fully filled, and you can use a popsicle stick to smooth the top surface.