What Tasks Are Performed By Freight Forwarder?

There are various responsibilities associated with a freight forwarder. The main task of the freight forwarder is to keep a check on the transportation. You can consider freight forwarders Perth if you want safe and most economical transportation of the merchandise.

In order to carry out transportation, it is important to consider the merchandise category plus delivery requirements of the clients. Freight Forwarders offer you many transportation alternatives such as airline firms, shipping lines, trucking companies, and railroad operators.

freight forwarder

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The main focus of freight forwarder is on specialized services and industries. Freight forwarders may help you in identifying the safest and fastest routes of transportation. This is done in order to fulfill the requirements of the customers.

Given below are some of the responsibilities of freight forwarders:

  • Before carrying out transportation process freight forwarder check whether the products are fragile or dangerous. They also take into consideration shipment time, security and costs during the process.
  • The other things that are verified by the freight forwarder are packaging, weather conditions, load, goods, warehouse facilities, and rates. They make sure that goods are packed properly before transportation.
  • The contract negotiations in accordance with shipment are done by the freight forwarder. In contract negotiation all necessary document are prepared along with this there is a proper check of customs regulations and insurance policies.


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The small shippers who don’t have the capability to acquire dedicated units can supply consolidation services via land, sea and air transportation.

The process of customs clearance Australia should be known to the businessman who is exporting to Australia as well as ordinary individuals who want to send a package to Australia. 

The other duty of forwarder is to arrange freight payments along with fees, risk management of door-to-door deliveries, hand-carried services, big volume charters and customs brokerage for all international ports.