Sublimation T-Shirts Ideal for Sports and Promotional Clothing

There has been a great rise in sublimation printing over recent years, after all, it is one of the coolest choices for sports teams looking for new team kit ideas. This process was once a rarity, but now you can find sublimated clothing in all level of sports and that is increasingly being used in innovative and creative ways.

Before you opt for customized sublimated clothing let us first understand what custom sublimation is. Sublimation t-shirts are ideal for sportswear and promotional clothing. It is widely used as a great promotional tool in almost every business these days.

The Process of Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is an innovative way of creating custom clothing in which a design is printed directly on a plain white fabric rather than stitching it together.In the process of sublimated printing, heat-sensitive ink is used to permanently dye synthetic fabrics. The ink is mixed into the fabric resulting in a softer touch and increased durability.

It is one of the easiest ways to design unique custom dri fit shirts with colors that remains strong in outdoor lighting and after extensive washing, so, making it an ideal process for sportswear.

Why Is Sublimation Best For Custom-Designed Sports Apparel?

The rage of custom clothing among sports is not new since it has been utilizing for many decades and the best part is that the trend is still alive. The custom clothing among sports teams is really popular as this process makes sure that the print on the garment does not peel, fade or crack.

The method makes use of poly production damp-wicking fabrics that help to keep the body cool and dry even after long hours of practice or being out on the field. This is the main reason why these shirts are a sports person’s favorite.

This new and unique process of sublimation printing offers infinite possibilities of design, which includes images, shapes, unique designs and unlimited colors. You can click on this link and learn how to buy the best custom clothing online.