Prayer – Plays Important Role In Christians Life

Prayer from the simple bedtime prayer of a child to those of the most dedicated monks is something that’s done all over the world.

This helps them connect with God. And they find it the most fascinating way with which they can communicate with the GOD.

Below are some of the importance of prayer:

Spiritual growth

According to the Christians, doing prayers on regular basis develops their belief in God. Prayers give strength to them and also build up bravery. Not only this but in addition, it builds confidence in them to carry out the impossible.

A channel of interaction

Prayer is a 2-way channel that enables God and human beings to communicate with each other. So, with the help of prayers, the people today share their feelings, needs, and inadequacies.

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Experience God’s love

Whenever you pray daily warfare prayer, either in the morning or in the evening, you enter into the presence of this God where you get surrounded by the love of him. This makes you sure that God will guard you and allow you to obtain courage to take care of life realizing that he loves you and will always your side.

Thus, these are a few reasons why Christians love to pray on regular basis.