Overview To ClickFunnel Reviews And Pricing

ClickFunnel is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that helps users create professional looking pages without coding knowledge necessary. It also provides the user with email marketing functionalities that help them capture leads and close the deals.

ClickFunnels makes it very easy to create landing pages and funnels. They also have templates of funnels you can choose from so you don’t have to recreate the wheel. They integrate very easily to a lot of other sites and very easy to use.


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In this article, we will discuss ClickFunnel reviews and pricing in great detail.

ClicFunnel Positive Reviews

Those users who gave positive ClickFunnel reviews said the interface is very easy and that they can use the pre-built template or quickly build any kind of funnel that they want to. They also said that ClickFunnel offers tons of integration with apps, which makes their funnel works seamlessly.

ClickFunnel Reviews

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ClickFunnel Negative Reviews

Users who gave ClickFunnel a negative review said that there are platform glitches sometimes when building landing pages and its Actionetics feature works slowly it only allows users to send a limited number of email each time. Some users also complained about its steep pricing.

ClickFunnel Pricing

ClickFunnels had two subscription options ranging from $97 to $297 per month depending on the feature of each plan. The main difference between the ClickFunnels Pricing plans is on the number of landing pages and sales allocated per month.

ClickFunnel Pricing

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ClickFunnel Top Features

  • Build sales funnels easily

It enables users to build sales funnels easily with existing templates users can choose from depending on the funnel they want to build.

  • Etision Editor

This is ClickFunnels Page Editor where users can drag and drop elements to create design pages quickly.

  • Actionetics

It allows you to send messages and sequence that speak directly to the customer, create simple and follow-up funnels and reach their audience at any time.

  • Backpack

It allows users to add a program to any sales funnel using pre-designed templates pages.

If you want to grow your business, you should search for high and low and tried a number of software business tools to find what works for your business. If you deal with digital products then ClickFunnel is the best toolset for your business and products. It allows you to quickly set up your marketing sales and product delivery systems for all your products. Check out here to learn ClickFunnel Pricing options in great detail.