Do You Need Help In Choosing Jewelry For yourself?

Women love to wear jewelry. They will never say a NO to buying a jewelry pair any time of the year. Their love for jewelry is centuries old. But women often get confused regarding which jewelry will suit them the best.

If you visit the NYC jewlery shops, you will notice the jeweler using the terms such as estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, antique jewelry and so on. Customers often get confused what the hell the jeweler is talking about.  

Let’s break down each term one by one in simple terms.

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Estate jewelry   

Any used piece of the jewelry is termed as the estate jewelry. A hundred year old jewelry piece and a 2 month old jewelry piece, can both be termed as the estate jewelries.

But to separate the estate jewelry from the antique and vintage jewelry, the jewelers consider the making date of the jewelry. All the used jewelry made within the last 30 years can be termed as estate jewelry.

Vintage jewelry  

Any jewelry which is at least 30 years old is considered as vintage jewelry. If the jeweler uses the word ‘vintage jewelry’, it will be of 1980’s. To ensure whether jewelry is vintage jewelry or not you can ask for the document proof form the jeweler.

Antique jewelry

A piece of the jewelry that is 100 years old or older will fall into the category of the estate jewelry. All the centuries-old jewelry pieces are considered as the antique jewelry.

It is quite difficult to find the documented proof for the age of the jewelry because they are centuries old. You have to trust the antique jewelry NYC jewelers for the originality of the piece.

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Apart from this unused jewelry will be considered as the brand new jewelry. So it is up to you whether you want the traditional designs of the jewelry or want a brand-new design of jewelry. You can also browse this website to know more about the different types of jewelry.