Need for Guitar Effects Pedals Boards

If you are new to play the guitar, you may not be familiar with the guitar effect pedal boards and their essentials. Well before you start playing your favourite sounds, it is important for you to understand the importance of the guitar pedal board. As a beginner, you may want to imitate the sounds of your favourite guitarist but can meet with several problems with sound effects.

This is just because most of the professional guitarists don’t just use a guitar and amp, but there are some special effects like Angus Young of AC/DC who plug directly into the amp with no extra effects. Most guitarists use a combination of at least three effects to get their sound, distortion, delay, and chorus.

You can also use multi-effects cool guitar pedals to get your sound or you can use dedicated guitar effects pedals. Let’s have a look at what these effect pedals do and why you should have them in your guitar effects pedal board. One of the most popular effects used by guitarists is Distortion. Different styles will ask for different types and different levels of this effect.

Suppose if you want to play metal then you may want a crunchy sound and when it comes to blues or guitar rocks you might want a warmer sound. In fact, many guitar players use distortion to add a little bit to their clean guitar. Delay is another basic guitar effect, it’s related to reverb. If you’re in a big room it sounds boomy, if you’re in a small room it sounds brighter and more distinct.

The sound of a room is related to the sounds reflected off the walls. The third guitar effects pedal you should have is a chorus. What a chorus does is split your sound and slightly delay one of the signals.

Different effects have their own different influences and importance so it’s better to have one to add a little more bite to your guitar sound and have some more fun. For more information, you can read this useful article about different guitar pedal boards.