Main Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Cigar

If you are new to the world of premium cigars, welcome to a place where long-distance tobacco is powerful and the humidor is standard equipment. Choose right cigars are a matter of choice, but there are a number of questions you should ask to help ensure you get your money's worth for your premium cigar.

If you want to buy a cigar then you can shop from our exclusive collection of premium cigars. Fresh handmade cigars start with high-quality ingredients. And once rolled, the cigar needs to be stored properly while on the way.

If it's stored properly, it must have a rich and oily sheen. If not – and the wrapper looks dull – it might still be good smoke, but its appearance is a good place to start your evaluation.

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The best way to test for freshness is to pin the cigar in between your index finger and thumb. The new cigar will be hard and will come back after you pinch it. If it doesn't reappear – or feels too chewy at some point – it's not the freshest cigar you can get.

Premium cigars can be hand-made or hand-rolled. Rolled cigars have high-quality wrappers and long fillers, but cigars can be tied with a machine and then rolled by hand. Handmade cigars are made by hand every step, also using high-quality wrappers and long fillers.

When you choose a cigar, look at the appearance of a cigar. The way the cigar is assembled will affect the way you smoke.