Information About Heat Transfer System & Its Benefits

Utilization of heat transfer systems concept can cater to the needs of heating the entire house. It is an energy-efficient method of providing proper ventilation to your home. It works on the basic principle of circulating air throughout the house.

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In today’s world where there is no financial security, it is essential to not waste energy. Now, let’s understand how the heat is transferred. So, it is transferred in 3 ways:-

Conduction – It is the most common form of heat transfer and occurs via physical contact. On hot days, heat is conducted into your home through the roof, walls, and windows.

Convection In scientific terminology, convection can be explained as the movement of molecules present in fluid helping in regulating the temperature of an entire house. Hot air naturally rises, carrying heat away from your walls and causing it to circulate throughout your home. As the hot air circulates it warms up the room.

Radiation – In this process, the heat travels in the form of visible and non-visible light. Sunlight is an obvious source of heat for homes. Also, low-wavelength, non-visible infrared radiation can carry heat directly from warm objects to cooler objects.

Now the major question arises is how do we implement heat transfer system into our homes. We can bring down the amount of heat transferred both inwards and out by selecting right building materials and insulation. The best insulating materials have “R” rating and higher the number the more it will be capable of slowing the rate of energy transfer.

Following are the benefits of the system:-

  • It reduces heating and cooling expenses.
  • It warms or cools the home on basis of the season.
  • It eliminates pollutants from the air which could harm the lungs or cause allergic reactions.
  • It reduces carbon dioxide levels present in the exhaled air.
  • It balances the humidity.

Many people confuse heat transfer systems with ventilation systems but both are different. New Zealand dwellers have always come across dry house issue. Here’s a great post to read which dictates about the heat transfer systems utility to New Zealand homes.