Ideas To Prepare For A Memorable Teen Party

Your sugar is turning 13, which means she will be a teenager.

Obviously her birthday party should last in her memories for years to come.

In this article I have mentioned few birthday party ideas that will certainly help you in planning a fantastic birthday party for your princess.

Ideas as follows:

A. Spa party ideas: Spa party idea is an all-time favorite idea of all. I think there is no one who would ever say no to SPA and if it is about spa party…..YEEEEEAAHH.

• Even kids love to go for spa. It doesn’t get better than a spa party! You don’t even have to spend a lot. Just visit online stores and pick different variety of cosmetic products or a few sampler packs. But be precise while picking cosmetics that are not harmful for the skin of children.

teen spa party

• These days, organic, mineral and even water based cosmetics are available for kids. For example, you can go for chocolate facial masks, they are totally free of chemicals and since they are chocolate based, they will nourish your child’s skin.

• On the birthday day, gather all her teen friends and invite them all for at-home pampered spa experience.

• You can even prepare iced mint tea with fresh mint leaves and rose petals in it.

• Provide the girls with all the makeup equipment for facial, such as eyebrow tweezing, facial scrub with facial lotion along with a pedicure kit.

• While giving invitations, you can request all your daughter’s friends that they bring their own bathrobe and a hair wrap to sample the look and feel.

B. Princess Themed-Parties: Every girl from inside is a princess. In actual, a girl feels to be a real princess on two days, one is on her birthday and secondly on her wedding day.

birthday party

• Arrange a prince themed birthday party for your daughter and get her favorite fairy tale princess dress, along with a tiara on her head.

• She is turning 13, ask her what special she wants on her 18th birthday and make her feel special. You can seek for more details in regards to the theme you choose from various online sources to avoid any mistakes.

• Get DJ and give him all her favorite dance numbers. Dance will certainly add the right amount of royal vibe that is required for the moment.

• For a while become her prince charming and let her feel this magical moment.

• Do not forget to inform your guests about the party theme. Some guests want to adjust in a different kind of gown for the party, which may not go with the theme. SO….Notify them about the party days before, which may help them in doing their own preparations.