Hire Luxury Castle This Season For Your Wedding

Wedding venues aren’t just the place where couples exchange vows, it is the place where they create a lasting memory. They may choose a church, their favorite hotel, their favorite museum, or one of their parent’s home, but getting married in a Scottish castle is like a dream come true.

If you wanted a fairytale wedding, what could be better than this frame filled with charming visuals? If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, there are few more beautiful areas in the UK to take a break. You can rent the best UK castle to stay in or get married in.

Scottish castle

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The region is perfect for holidays, as it has stunning countryside views which are perfect for walking. Such castles have some unique and luxurious services including self-catering which is assured to make your vacation or event even more memorable.

Why Are Castles Better Than Other Wedding Venues?

Here are some factors that differentiate castles from other venues:

1.THE History

Castles are historical landmarks that often display their history and uniqueness through their architecture, scenery, and surroundings.

2.The Memories

In castles, you’ll provide an everlasting memory for you and your guests. Your guests will be delighted with stories of one of the most special events they ever attended.

royal castle wedding

3.The Price

You will be surprised to hear that castles prices won’t that much different from usual wedding venues, and in many cases, they will be competitively priced due to the packages they offer. You can even hire an entire castle, island or one bedroom of a castle.

4.Incredible Setting

Castles do have a different flare to them when it comes to setting the standard for beautiful pictures. Having a beautiful castle in the background will make your wedding album a truly special one.

Carlowrie castle

Here’ a list of 7 Magnificent Castles For You:

  1. RAAS Devigarh – Delwara, India.
  2. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac – Quebec City, Canada
  3. Roch Castle – Roch, UK
  4. The Castle Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dalian – Dalian, China
  5. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel – Ballynahinch, Ireland
  6. Castello Di Pavone – Pavone Canavese, Italy
  7. Parador de Cardona Cardona, Spain

Find more information about these seven castles and investigate why these are known for their comfort and why they suit you.