Your eyes: A magnificent gift to attract the women

Nowadays, almost every guy finds attracting a girl a very difficult task which actually is not. Your eyes play a very important role in attracting a girl.

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Whenever you meet the girl you like, look deep into her eyes and pass a smile to her. Constant eye contact with the girl shows that you are interested in what she is saying. Also, be expressive with your eyes, like raising or lowering your eyebrows to show that you are proper listening to what she is saying.

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No proper eye contact with the women will make her feel that you are either bored or you disagree with her views. This will cut short the lovely conversation with the girl you like the most.

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The language of your eyes sometimes can also create a misunderstanding while talking to the girl. Being an introvert, some guys avoid eye contact with the girl which makes the girl feel that you are dishonest or being ashamed of yourself or not have an interest in the women.

The girls feel uncomfortable if you stare a girl. If you are also one of the guys who feel uncomfortable looking directly into the eyes of the women and also thinking of the ways of how to attract a girl then there are several ways which will help you in overcoming this discomfort. Try to look into the pupils for few seconds. The other trick could be to observe other facets like the lips, cheeks, nose and then return to looking into the eyes.

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