Different Types Of Women Dresses

Women love to do shopping and wearing new dresses. There are many styles of dresses available these days.

With the large variety of styles, you can pick any dress that best suits your physic. When we talk about categories of dresses, there is a lot to consider. Such as wedding dresses, cocktail, evening dresses, swimwear, party dresses, and high fashion dresses etc.

Indeed, each dress has its own purpose. And, it is mainly based on the occasion on which you will be wearing them. Certain dresses are much more formal while others are better for casual outings such as garden parties etc.

Nowadays doing shopping has become so easy, you can get any item from online stores while sitting at home, even clothes also. This has become possible with the help of online fashion boutiques.

These clothing boutiques are delivering a huge variety of clothes with hefty discounts. You just need to choose color, and size of your choice.  

Here are a few types of dresses, which women usually prefer to wear on certain occasions.

Party Dresses:

Party dresses such as party jumpsuits, bandage dresses, bandeau dresses, trench dresses,

kaftan dresses, and backless dresses etc. Party dresses are usually worn at bars, clubs, or cocktail parties.


Sundresses are casual, and of a loose fit, they are usually worn during summers. Their fabric is of cotton, and they have many different patterns and designs. However, sundresses are usually sleeveless and collarless. They are very comfortable to wear.

Cocktail Dresses:

A cocktail dress can be worn at cocktail parties, it is semi-formal.  They are like mini dresses, as their length is above the knee. There are multiple colors to choose, but cocktail dress best suits in dark colors such as black, and navy blue.

All of these dresses can vary in prices. Look at this link to know about best alternative outfits to be worn during summers.