What Are The Component Present In Horse Diet?

One component that you will definitely find in horse supplement is Glucosamine. This component present in horse supplement helps in keeping cartilage and joint parts lubricated.  The name of the structural components of cartilage is Glycosaminoglycans.

The digestive enzymes are suppressed by this component. It further encourages new cartilage development.  

The glucosamine works best when Vitamin C, Manganese, copper, zinc, and dl-methionine are added to it.  In equine supplements, all vitamins are generally present.

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In horse supplement component like amino acid, dl-methionine plays an essential role. This component helps information and toughness of the necessary protein Keratin.  The component compensates in the hoof wall.

The amount of nutrient zinc is less in the equine diet plan of the horse.  The component plays a crucial role in hoof health. The calcium present in horse supplement helps in muscle contraction, cell membranes, glandular secretion, the regulation of temperature, and blood clotting.

A nutritious diet is helpful in overall metabolism and cellular functions in the horse.  In case of deficiency of horse vitamins, the horse’s immune system becomes inefficient.

The amount of phosphorus present in horse supplement should be more as compared to calcium. This will eventually improve horse health. The presence of Vitamin E is also important in the horse’s diet.

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Are you aware of vitamin E in the horse?  Soybean oil, wheat germ, and stabilized rice bran are a great source of vitamin E.  Other sources of vitamin E are timothy, orchard grass, Kentucky bluegrass, and meadow.

One of the important information that most of the people are not aware of is the amount of vitamin E is lesser in the mature glass. When the grass is cut and cured for hay then it completely vanishes.

If you think horse diet is deficient in vitamin E then give the component mentioned above. Browse here if you are interested in knowing more about vitamin E. This ensures that your horse is less prone toward illness.