5 scariest Halloween Costume ideas


Halloween is a great excuse to be a scary character. Those who are young at heart love to dress as their favorite movie character. Many men prefer to don a Jason Voorhees costume whereas women like to be Pennywise who terrorized children in the movie IT. Scary Halloween Fancy dress costumes are very popular with children. As they haven’t seen these movies before, they will have to choose another type of costume. So, what are the scariest Halloween Costumes for people of all ages? You can browse http://www.stylebuzzer.com to get more information about it.


A toy doll which killed scores of people in the Child’s Play series of films, Chucky is a scary costume. With his scarred face, evil eyes, dungarees, and long hair, Chucky is an instantly recognizable character. An online retailer that specializes in Halloween Costumes can sell an entire Chucky costume. A menacing-looking knife and an authentic wig might even be provided free of charge too.


An elaborate costume, the Alien which is from the series of films that starred Sigourney Weaver is a perfect choice for Halloween. With its long head and pointy claws, the Alien costume should be bought online. This is because it will take a while to make. It is also a great idea for a husband and wife who are going to a fancy dress party together. A husband could dress as an Alien and his wife can be Sigourney Weaver. Not only is dressing as an Alien an unsettling sight but it will make people laugh too.


Werewolves have recently appeared in films and television shows. Twilight and the UK TV series Being Human featured a werewolf character, as does the American version of the popular show. Both children and their parents could dress as a werewolf. Children can wear a costume which is similar to a character in the Twilight film series and their parents could choose one which is identical to An American Werewolf in London. By purchasing a werewolf costume online, time doesn’t have to be spent unnecessarily on making one.


The most popular zombie film of all time is Night of the Living Dead which was released in the 1960s. Other zombie films have been released since then which are admired around the world – Shaun of the Dead and The Evil Dead are examples of such. A zombie costume can be created by putting tubes of fake blood onto clothes after they have been ripped. Fake blood can also be applied to a face. Adults and children alike will love dressing as zombies together, especially as they can make their best groaning sounds whilst walking very slowly.

Freddy Krueger

Although there have been many forgettable sequels, Freddy Krueger is still a scary character. With his menacing grin, trilby hat, and scarred face, because he was burnt alive in his boiler room, Freddy also has knives on his fingers. As with Jason Voorhees, Freddy is an instantly recognizable character. There has also been a ‘reimagining’ of A Nightmare on Elm Street. However, many people might have seen Freddy for the first time in said film and not Wes Craven’s 1984 original. Consequently, people still want to dress as Freddy. An online retailer might have many types of Freddy costumes in its catalog, such as those which come with a trilby hat and a striped sweater.